Catholic Prayer To Break Generational Curses

Catholic Prayer To Break Generational Curses :

Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the Bible says that I will decree a thing and it shall be established. I cancel and nullify any curses that were spoken over us intentionally or unintentionally, in the name of Jesus. I cancel the effects of those negative words over my family and future generations, in the name of Jesus. I declare and decree that generational curses of sickness, poverty, marital failure, bareness, rage, alcoholism, and lying are null and void. They will never manifest because we are free from them. I command the devil and his demons to leave my family alone. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Catholic Prayer To Break Generational Curses
Catholic Prayer To Break Generational Curses

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Short Catholic Prayer To Break Generational Curses :

Father, your Word says Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law, having been made a curse for me. Therefore, I break and command every generational curse and their manifestations of sicknesses, diseases, dysfunctional lifestyles, failed marriages, character flaws, financial poverty, spiritual oppression, addictions, death and destruction off myself, past generations and all future generations, in Jesus’ name. I place the cross between all past generations and myself. Every curse and assignment must stop at the cross, in Jesus’ mighty name. Thank you Lord that I am now free from any and all generational curses in Jesus Name! Amen.

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May God hear your prayers.


Get ready, because in this season God is about to transition some of you from outcast to cornerstone and there’s nothing that the outside world can do to stop it. Understand that their rejection of you couldn’t prevent everything God ordained for you to accomplish, but it confirmed that you were the right person for the job. Realize that you possess qualities and attributes that normal people will fail to identify and that which they cannot see they reject. But just know that you are the focal point and fixture to everything God is doing in this season so do not agree with the rejection of only a few. Your upgrade is the Lord’s doing and once you see it, you won’t believe your eyes.

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